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A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or Master of Science in Teaching (MST) is a training program that requires a minimum of 30 additional hours once the student’s bachelor degree has been completed. The degree outlines a specific discipline and practice to increase one’s knowledge of a certain subject matter. Students who are accepted into this program are expected to complete a semester of full time teaching prior to earning their degree. This is a mandatory requisite to meet state licensure requirements, it also is a key practice that will gain the learner on-the-job experience for future career opportunities.

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The master of science in teaching degree is primarily a content or course-based curriculum where little to no thesis work is required. This program requires that students enroll for an additional year after earning their bachelors to achieve their masters of science in teaching, and with it their teaching license. This course differs from the masters in education degrees, which is directed towards nurturing teachers into counselors or educational administrators. The training material provided provides students with the skills required to perform practical teaching, and research key areas of the subject matter chosen. In most cases, students who complete their studies are often encouraged to become teachers within their districts.

Students who successfully complete the additional year’s study and hours of practice are then awarded a teaching license, and an option to enter into a program that requires them to stand in for existing teachers who are looking to exit the field. With the option to specialize in an array of subjects, students also develop communication skills, which assist placement in elementary, middle school and high school positions. Students who have obtained a master of science in teaching degree are generally offered higher salaries than those who have only achieved a bachelor’s. Other options for employment include early-childhood education and private tutoring positions.

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