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Business runs the world today, as it has since the dawn of the agrarian revolution. It is all around us and in all forms, big and small. Profit is the opium of the business fraternity; it is what makes business worth doing and it is driven by innovation, research, development, and proper management. Most business professionals are turning to higher education to enrich their careers and build on their managerial skills. Business administration courses are available at various levels, but sitting at the crest of business training is the doctor of business administration degree, or DBA. This is the summit of business academia.

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A doctor of business administration degree is offered at higher levels of education. Most schools or universities offering this course of study, require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and a master of business administration degree (MBA). Due to the fact that most students who enroll in this program are working professionals, it is often offered on a part-time basis or even online. The program itself lays a lot of emphasis on research methods and publication of thesis or dissertations. Classes in statistical methods, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and management methodologies can be expected. However to be declared a doctor of business administration, a thorough research based thesis has to be duly completed.

Most people who decide to undertake a doctor of business administration degree are often already working and seek to either improve their skills, or qualify for better professional placement. Holders of doctoral degrees in business administration are vigorously headhunted to fill senior managerial or executive positions. This makes the qualification a crucial rung in the career ladder of business professionals. Holders of this qualification can find employment as chief executive officers, senior business executives, analysts, consultants and executive directors of companies or institutions. The degree, coupled with significant experience in management, places professionals in a unique position to lead enterprises by driving growth in a systematic and calculated way.

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