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The world as we know it is an intricate web of sophistication, development, and advancements that make our civilization what it is. From birth, we learn to adapt and innovate to enable ourselves to navigate various situations as we make our way through life. A proper education is a major factor that determines the potential success of an individual; the demand for quality education has brought about an emergence of multiple levels of schooling, degrees, and certificates. Although it is commonplace to pursue college or university education, one does not necessarily require an academic degree to make a positive, professional contribution to society.

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There are numerous technical schools that offer the specialized skills critical to work in various industries or niches. Technical certificates can be acquired from technical institutions and they provide a detailed, industry-based, and hands-on education in a particular field. Although most students enroll in technical certificate programs directly after high school, it is not uncommon to find university graduates and working professionals pursuing certification. This is mostly to enrich their knowledge in a particular field. There are countless technical certification courses such as, culinary arts, welding, electrical installation or maintenance, plumbing, engine assembly or repair, information technology, among many others.

Many people wonder if it is possible to build a career based solely on a technical certificate. It is important to understand that most technical certificate courses are not generalized but rather concentrate on imparting knowledge that is industry based. For instance, a company constructing a bridge requires a mechanical or structural engineer with university qualification to lead the project. However, it is impossible to complete the work without those individuals who have technical skills in areas such as welding, steel works, painting, and rigging. Virtually all career sectors have need for the valuable, hands-on knowledge required by individuals with technical certification, and the relevant work experience that is concentrated on a particular skill.

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