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A technical degree from a Bachelor of Arts degree program may prepare a student for one of many fields. These programs typically include majors that focus heavily on the use of technology, such as information technology, technical communication, or digital recording arts technology. Since the use of computers has become widespread in just about every industry, more and more companies need workers who have been trained in the use of technology. A Bachelor of Arts degree program usually lasts for four years, which means that most of these programs are only offered at colleges or universities.

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Coursework for a technical degree in a Bachelor of Arts program varies, based on the exact major a student is pursuing. For example, an individual who is studying information technology may take such classes as computer science, IT project management, and networking/ security management, in addition to the required general subjects of math, English, and composition. Students who are working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in technical communication often take classes that include professional communication, software documentation, and proposal writing. A digital recording arts technology Bachelor of Arts degree program, though, might include courses on topics such as music recording technology, live audio recording, and digital sound editing.

After completing a technical degree from a Bachelor of Arts training program, a student might qualify for several paid positions. One who gets a degree in information technology, for example, may get a job as a computer and information systems manager. Students who graduate from a digital recording arts technology program may find work as broadcast and sound engineering technicians; while those who finish their technical degrees in technical communications may go on to become technical writers. All of these positions are steadily growing in the U.S., which means that many graduates of these technical degree programs who earn their Bachelor of Arts degrees will be able to find work after school.

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